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  • Prefix or Suffix of numbers

    Prefix or Suffix of numbers mono- bi- tri- quardr-quart- tetra- quint- pent- sex- hexa- sept- hept-

  • 2835SMD and 3528SMD

    2835SMD body size: 2.8mm*3.5mm*0.8mm light emitting surface Rectangular 3528SMD body size: 3.5mm*2.8mm*1.8mm light emitting surface Round

  • 3528SMD led chip

    3528 SMD light emitting part of the round3528 SMD are mainly used in the fields of indoor lighting, commercial lighting and industrial lighting. Such as LED lighting products, LED decorative products, LED backlighting products, lighting lighting, backlight display (LCD, billboard), car lights and so on.Application feature editing1, a small decline, LED, 20mA normal continuous light, the brightness will gradually increase, to about 1500 hours, 10000 hours, 12% to increase the brightness of light

  • 3 word phrase about led bulb

    word phrase about led bulb

  • 2 English word about lighting

    english word about lighting

  • 1 English words about lighting

    English words and chinese words about lighting

  • 5050SMD led

    5050 SMD led body size 5.0mm*5.0mm*1.6mm Application: Often used in the high-end residential energy-saving lamps, car dashboard, LED lights, mobile phone backlight and keypad backlight, instruments and products of small size LED, LED backlight, backlight level switch and signs, caller ID, flash, auto, sound, display, indoor lighting market!

  • LED (Light Emitting Diode)

    LED (Light Emitting Diode), a light-emitting diode From 1990s the great progress of LED technology, is not only the luminous efficiency than incandescent lamp, the light intensity reached the level and color of candle, from red to blue cover the whole visible spectral range, from the light level to the technological revolution more than common light source levels lead to a variety of new applications, such as car lights, traffic lights, outdoor full-color large screen and special lighting source

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